Monday, October 31, 2011

Tea Time

I thought perhaps I would try a cup of Earl Grey black tea with cream. Of course, I need a bit of sugar. I have a sweet tooth you see. I do not know about you, but a cup of tea warms me down to my toes and gives me a strong sense of satisfaction. I recently learned that peppermint tea was quite the thing during the Regency period. My tummy has been a bit unhappy today, so perhaps I will make myself a cup. Unfortunately it is too late at night to bake a tray of biscuits (cookies), and besides, it is Cook's day off. 

I must confess. I do not have a cook. I think of biscuits as Southern style. I love a large glass of iced tea. Do you think it's possible to live in reality and fantasy at the same time? I am not sure I could actually live in Regency times. I fear I would faint from the lack of air conditioner and the inability to text. I suppose I will have to live vicariously through stories. I think I shall go choose one from my Kindle. Sweet dreams.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Regency Romance Coming Soon

Gentle Reader,

Lord William Prescott is in want of a wife. Unfortunately, the lady he wants is betrothed. This situation is rather sticky, I think. 

Yours truly,
Lisa Follett

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Beginning

Gentle Reader,

I do believe I have fallen deeply in love. My romance began several year's ago when I read my first Regency-set historical novel. I was bedazzled by the balls and routs and musicales, humored by the dandies, and fascinated with the rakes and rouges. The plight of women who lived during this time period and the men who gave their hearts captured my imagination. The first thing I did was look up words like "blackguard" up on the Internet, as well as learn about the aristocracy. Over time my research came in the form of books and 200 year old maps. After I read approximately 300 novels, I decided this was the time period I wanted to write about.

Now that I've deeply emerged myself in Jane Austen's world, I do believe I have finally found my writer's voice. May this blog be the beginning of our reader and writer relationship. Follow me into this little piece of time and place as we explore love and romance and adventure together.

What will this blog be about?

Regency On Dits - I will share the romance, the scandals, and the fascinating facts of the Regency period.

Gentle Reader - I will update you on my writing and publishing journey.

Dearest Writer - I will share little bits of writing advice I've learned over the years.

Tea Time - I will occasionally share a simple and delicious recipe (the pleasure is yours).

Rakes & Rogues - I believe 20 years of a happy marriage qualifies me to give a little advice now and then. Perhaps I will tell you a few secrets as well.

Romance Minis - I will inspire you with mini romance stories to warm your heart and fire your soul.

Fix yourself a cup of tea and pull up in a comfortable chair for the next on dit at Lisa Follet's Romance Blog.

                                                                                                      Yours Truly,
                                                                                                       Lisa Follett