Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dearest Writer - Pesky Beginnings

Dearest Writer,

Do you write false starts? I do believe I am a bit of an authority on abandoning pesky beginnings. It just so happens that I have written dozens of chapter threes. You should know that I refused to succumb to a fate of many beginnings and no endings. In my determination to get to the end, I challenged myself to sit down each morning and write until I finished. Unfortunately, I once again found myself on chapter three with nowhere to go. Chapter three is such a bother. 

How did I overcome this horrid habit of stopping after I had barely begun? I turned to a notebook with a cast of characters. Once I had the idea of creating a cast, somewhat like a play, and developing the characters until I was ready to write. After another failed try, I decided to choose one of the characters from my cast and begin his story. 

I made it to the end. Lord William Prescott came to life. Readers will come to know him in the very near future.  

I will give you a bit of advice: First, I suggest you try developing your character before you begin your story. Second, I highly recommend setting your clock fifteen minutes early each morning. Wake up and write, and after a few mornings of establishing this routine, set your clock to thirty minutes early. In time, you will arise an hour or more early, and before you know it, you will write THE END.

Yours Truly,
Duchess of Dreams


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