Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On Dit -An Introduction to a Gentleman

Imagine, if you will, never introducing yourself to the opposite sex. A lady never introduced herself to a gentleman, and a gentleman never introduced himself to a lady. So how did a man and woman come to know each other? If a gentleman wanted an introduction to a lady, he needed to first ask someone of her acquaintance to make the introduction. This seems simple enough, except that the lady's acquaintance had to ask her permission before actually making the introduction.

This has a certain appeal if you think about it. If you believe a gentleman is a complete toad, you can simply refuse the introduction without ever having to speak to the man. There is no reason to make silly excuses to leave his presence or refuse his request to dance. He cannot approach you if he has not been introduced to you. 

Ladies, do you think this rule clever? Or not? Perhaps I can entice you to leave a comment on this topic.

Yours Truly,
Duchess of Dreams


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