Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One True Love - A Regency Romance

Lord William Prescott is in want of a wife. Unfortunately, the lady he wants is betrothed.

Miss Cassandra Chambers simply cannot understand her attraction to Lord William. After all, she is supposed to be in love with Mr. Miles Parker. In a scandalous twist of fate, Cassie's future changes when Lord William rides to her rescue, saves her from ruin, and makes her his wife.

When William comes to believe Cassie's heart may always belong to another, he is determined to lock away his own. If only he could lock away his desire for his One True Love.

Coming Soon - One True Love  by Lisa Follett


Anonymous said...

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Lisa Follett said...

Oh my! What a wonderful site! And an online shop too. One day I hope to visit Bath. My dream trip comes in the form of a flight to London and a tour of the entire country. I want to see all of the places I read and write about. For now, I must travel virtually. Thank you for sharing your website. Yours Truly, Duchess of Dreams
By Lisa on One True Love - A Regency Romance at 11:54 AM

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